Hal & Martha Rahman

Hal & Martha Rahman

Location: Cameroon

Past Service: Liberia

Serving Since: 1987

Ministry Hallmark: Apostolic Leadership

Fact: The Rahmans have founded 48 Bible schools in Cameroon, 7 in Chad, 4 in Gabon, 10 in Benin, and 5 in Nigeria.

Hal and Martha are charter-class graduates of the Monrovia Bible Training Center in Liberia, founded by Russ and Wendy Tatro. When civil war broke out in Liberia in 1990, in the absence of the American missionaries, Hal and Martha picked up leadership of the ministry. The ministry flourished under their leadership despite the hardships of war.

In 1993, the Rahmans relocated to Cameroon where they pioneered Bible training centers, youth ministry and a large network of cell churches. Their focus on discipleship has produced many missionaries who now serve throughout the world. They host major conferences for missionaries in their region and an annual national women’s conference. Hal speaks internationally on leadership, discipleship and to business leaders, as well.

In 2010 the ministerial schools of discipleship that the Rahmans established in Cameroon and other nations produced over 2400 graduates in 73 schools.

The Rahmans have one daughter, Nash, and twin sons, Teewon Nathan and Tagan Joshua.

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