59 Second Reports

Mexico Trips for Spring 2011

We invite you to be a part of one of these three upcoming Business Mission Trips to Mexico:  Febrary 4th thru 6th in Nuevo Laredo for all businessmen and women;  March 19th thru 26th in Toluca area for Business Women in the Marketplace; April (dates to be announced) in Morellia, Mexico for all businessmen and women. […]

Mongolia: Land of Warriors

Mongolia. This land is rough, and the rough inhabit it.  Winters: average  temperature  of –13 degrees Fahrenheit,  Roads: less than 4% are paved,  bathrooms: outhouses are the norm, and water:  no potable water  systems in the entire country.  Mongolia is vast, being the 18th largest country in the world, and is landlocked between  Russia and […]

Guatemala: Business Visitation in Xela

One of the five aspects of a typical Business Mission Trip is “Business Visitations”.  This is a very enjoyable part of every trip because the participants get to go “inside” the business and see how things “really work”.  The visits are normally about 1 hour and it is a great time for the participants to […]

Guatemala: University Lectures in Guatemala City

The future of every nation is in the hands of their university students and one main aspect of every Business Mission Trip is “University Lectures”. In a recent trip to Guatemala City by Gary, Cindy (Gary’s wife), and Shauna (their daughter), Gary had a very enjoyable time speaking to students at the Universidad Galileo.  As […]

Guatemala: Trip to in May, 2005

This Business Mission Trip to Guatemala is during the Memorial Day Holiday so you will only miss 4 days of work and we guarantee that this trip will be one that will be very “memorable”. The trip will include: Business Mentoring – Share your business skills in teaching sessions like the ones shown below.  On […]